Shared Accommodation Management

Our Shared Accommodation Management Service

We offer co-living rental management to keep renters happy and prevent any issues before they materialise. Our management service has brought people together to live harmoniously in a shared and considerate environment.

Careful Character Checks

Everyone renting in our shared properties will feel assured that they are living with other professionals of good character. This is because we carry out character checks on all rental applicants, ensuring that tenants follow property rules, and they are pleasant people to live with. Landlords also benefit from these checks because it keeps their property secure.

House Rules and Complaints

Respecting each other’s right to live in peace and comfort is expected from all tenants in co-living homes. To help create a respectful environment we manage shared properties with set rules that everyone must abide by. Landlords and tenants can rejoice at our rule management that allows everyone to enjoy their new home.

Complaints about other housemates will be responded to in a timely manner and fully investigated.

Admin, Repairs and More

Shared accommodation management can be tricky and complex, but we simplify everything for every renter so they can enjoy their home knowing everything is being taken care of by industry experts. Our team are committed to making admin, repairs and any required maintenance a hassle-free process. Not to forget communal space and utility bill management. That’s one less thing tenants have to worry about!

To discuss the ways we manage shared properties and connect like-minded renters, contact our team for a chat and see how we can help.

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