Our Property Maintenance Services

Never worry about unresponsive landlords and ongoing issues when renting one of our single-let or HMO properties. We are engaged and active when it comes to dealing with your property maintenance or responding to urgent issues.

We guarantee minimal inconvenience and maximum comfort throughout your tenancy.

Our Maintenance Service

We will maintain your rental property by carrying out visits and inspections at a suitable time agreed by tenants. We will be looking for ways to make sure the property is secure from potential break-ins, pleasant to live in and also fix any issues raised by tenants themselves. All work is carried out efficiently with minimum disruption.

The Benefits of Our Maintenance Services

Knowing your tenancy is managed by a professional service who cares about your living standards means:

  • Living conditions comply with UK law
  • Spaces are cleaner with less chance of mould, pollutants and condensation
  • Emergency repairs are dealt with swiftly
  • Only trusted services will visit your property to carry out maintenance
  • You can continue to live in an exceptional property
  • Reporting and discussing issues are made seamless and convenient

Inclusive in Your Contract

Our maintenance service is part of our commitment to high standards and covered by your rental agreement. Everyone deserves to live in a functional and comfortable environment, which is exactly what we provide to all of our renters – no exceptions!

We are always a phone call away when reporting problems, and we are also just a call away when wanting to discuss our maintenance obligations in further detail. Get in touch!