Block Management

Convenient & Effective Block Management Services

Our block management services maintain the communal areas of your residential block, providing a more enjoyable living space for everyone. All services in communal areas are carried out while maintaining stringent health and safety standards.

An Outdoor Oasis to Clean Hallways

The communal areas of a rental block include both indoor and outdoor spaces. These are maintained by a service fee which is used to employ people to keep these spaces secure, appealing and functional. They may be used to create barbeque areas for your summer get-togethers or just maintain the aesthetics of your building.

For Safety and Security

The upkeep of entrances and doors is paramount to the safety of residents, which makes it important to us. Our block management services also covers repairs on these key areas of the building to make sure your flat and your belongings are out of criminals’ reach.

Benefits for Landlords and Tenants

Our block management service is welcome by tenants and their landlords. It means landlords can take a hands-off approach in dealing with contractors and workers, while knowing their communal areas continue to be cared for. Tenants also benefit because they get to use these spaces and know their possessions are protected without having to lift a finger either.

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