Investing in Liverpool

Liverpool is an energetic, fast growing city in the north west of England balancing affordability with opportunity.

The ongoing development projects has set Liverpool apart as one of the best places to invest in the UK.

One reason being that despite the redevelopment, adding key desirable features and creating new neighbourhoods, Liverpool still offers some of the most affordable house prices across the UK.

Liverpool has the 7th most urban populous (905,000). The city benefits greatly from one of the best graduate retention rates and is consequently home to many young professionals. Young professionals are an ideal tenant group due to offering reasonable rents, a good quality of life and the opportunity to build a future- all successful attributes belonging to the city. Liverpool hosts 4 top ranking universities within the city: University of Liverpool; Liverpool John Moores University; Liverpool Hope University; and The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. In addition, there is Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. In total, these higher education establishments attract 60,940 students to the city, many renting in L1 and willing to pay a surplus for the convenience of the location.

The city is thriving with 52,300 businesses, 60,940 students amongst a growing population of 905,000.

Liverpool’s rental market is doing exceptionally well and only stands to improve with all the regeneration work set out.

As well as noting the economic opportunities the city offers, Liverpool’s cultural history makes it a great investment hub too- ranging from the footsteps of the Beatles to the noteworthy architecture of the Albert Dock. The array of food the city offers with 300 restaurants, the booming nightlife, number of shops, music venues and wonderful museums makes Liverpool a current hot spot for anyone looking to create wealth through property.

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Yields and Benefits of Investing in Liverpool

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